Waste Management

Leaders in waste management

Waste Management

Harpers operate a waste management consultancy service. This offers businesses the level of management and support they need. For major projects it is often more practical to let us take overall responsibility for the project at your site.

Project Management

A project manager will work as part of your team throughout a project, applying his skills and experience to gain a full working knowledge of your business. He can then make informed recommendations on the most cost effective waste management solution and organise a team of qualified operators to carry out the work. We can also provide on-site training, where required.

Site Support

All businesses experience their ups and downs, and there will be times when you need highly trained staff at short notice. Harpers have a pool of highly trained operators for you to tap into as and when you need, for short or long-term projects.

Environmental Planning

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 charges all companies with a ‘Duty of Care’ to ensure that waste streams are taken to licensed facilities.

Harpers have been helping businesses design and implement ‘green’ policies for years. We ensure all your waste streams are taken to a licensed facility. Full Duty of Care Paperwork is compiled by the driver and a copy is given to you to say what, how much and where your waste has been taken.

In addition you will receive a copy of the fully completed document with signatures from the licensed disposal site which completes your statutory “Duty of Care”.

You are welcome to conduct your own audit of Harpers at any time. Procedures both to prevent spillage and to initiate clean up in the unlikely event of a spillage are kept on the vehicle at all times.


Although there is no legal standard for the quality of waste management services provided, we are fully aware that companies expect an efficient and cost effective standard of work. At Harpers we strive to surpass expectations.

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and practices and procedures are in place to ensure that our field colleagues operate to a set standard, so that you receive the best care available.

Monthly customer surveys are carried out to identify any weak areas, so that faults can be put right and our usual high standard can be resumed. Quality management meetings are attended by the Managing Director and Senior Managers, ensuring a full commitment to the quality plan.

By conforming to the strictest health and safety, environmental and quality measures, we can maintain a standard of work that stands up to the closest scrutiny, saving you untold cost and worry for the future.