Tank Cleaning

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Tank Cleaning

Whatever the shape or size of your industrial tank, whether its above or below ground, regardless of the contents Harpers Environmental Ltd have the experience and innovative solutions to deal with any full internal or external clean no matter how complex.

Harpers have worked on many variations of tank types including acids, alkaline, flammables and toxins. Even if the design does not facilitate human occupation Harpers Environmental employ external tank cleaning methods such as water jetting. If man entry is required, Harpers Environmental have highly trained and experienced tank cleaning teams who work in confined spaces using breathing apparatus and jetting equipment. Our methods meet all compliance and health & safety standards in vessel and tank cleaning.

Harpers Environmental industrial tank cleaning services include but not restricted to :

  • Uplift and transfer of product.
  • Tank drainage and disposal of tank residue/ residual contents.
  • Cleaning and purging of tanks and any associated pipe-work.
  • Cold cutting techniques to access enclosed tanks.
  • Man entry tank and vessel cleaning.
  • Butterworth washing hot cold caustic and other associated work.
  • Remote tank cleaning using mechanical equipment
  • High pressure washers.
  • Testing and gas free certification.
  • Decommissioning of tanks using inert hydrophobic foam or foam concrete/water.
  • Removal of tanks using hot and cold specialist cutting equipment.

Harpers have the expertise and experience to cope with all of your industrial tank cleaning needs while complying with all certification requirements in a safe and cost efficient manner.