Service Reservoir Cleaning (Blue Water)

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Service Reservoir Cleaning (Blue Water)

Harpers Environmental Limited has the specialist equipment and experience for Service Reservoir Cleaning.

All equipment is used ONLY in potable water works.

Small concrete repairs and joint work can also be completed using DWI approved products.


Harpers Environmental Limitedare involved in cleaning and chlorinating service reservoirs, water tanks & water towers for over 60 years.
With more pressure on legislation on water companies and County Councils to ensure and improve water quality, our clients have implemented a cleaning and chlorination program. These are nominally based upon a 3 to 5 year rolling program to ensure that they are in line with the DWI’s recommendations


Specialists in the service reservoir refurbishment and water tower operations throughout the UK, offering the following services for both concrete and steel structures:

  • Service reservoir, water tower and tank cleaning and chlorination operations
  • Refurbishment to internal and external expansion/construction joints
  • Internal and external concrete repairs, resin injection and grouting
  • Application of internal waterproof coatings