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Water jetting is a highly efficient way of removing coatings and stubborn deposits from tanks, vessels and pipe work.

Working at pressures from 120 psi to 45,000 psi, we can clean a wide range of surfaces rapidly, minimising downtime for your business. This practical, low-impact technique reduces the need to enter confined spaces and work with hazardous materials, and therefore offers a preferable alternative to chemical or mechanical waste removal.

However, there are cases where chemicals are necessary and Harpers have in-depth knowledge of the properties of the chemicals we use and the applications they are best suited for. Chemical cleaning can be an excellent alternative to placing a person inside a vessel as it brings down labour, costs and time.

Where man-entry into confined spaces is required, safety is always our priority. Our skilled operators use the latest protective equipment and receive ongoing training and regular medical checks.

We produce highly comprehensive method statements and risk assessments for individual projects.