Dewatering & Sludge Treatment

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Dewatering & Sludge Treatment

Biosolids / Sludge Removal

For Harpers  the development and implementation of environmentally friendly solutions is very important. We are able to provide an unrivalled combination of capabilities in the UK market for the treatment of sludge.

We have developed a highly effective dewatering system, which typically reduces volumes by around 60-90%.

A dewatering chemical is introduced to the sludge, which is fed into a rectangular channel and rotated between two parallel revolving screens(called flocculating). This process traps particles so efficiently, all that is left is water which can be recycled, . The particles compacted into dry cakes for disposal. There are occasions when the waste is valuable as raw material in other applications, bringing an additional stream of income.

This system of waste minimisation can be used in projects of all sizes, including large-scale lagoons, and is suitable for organic and inorganic sludges

Environmental Sense with a cost saving

An  example would be a customer has 100 ton of liquid waste to dispose  off site, of which only 10% may be solid material with the remaining 90% filtrate. With the use of mobile dewatering equipment 90ton of filtrate can be recycled back to plant, rather than transporting 100 tons of liquid off site. Give a 90 ton disposal cost saving,

Currently most liquid waste is disposed of in liquid form by tankers for disposal  to a treatment centre.