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AD Plant Supply

Harpers have undertaken various controlled digestate/inoculum supply and management using our experienced project managers and transportation barrels. We have supplied customers laboratory tested results to ensure supplied product is suitable for a biogas plant.

Harpers can work 24/7 to providing time critical deliveries to ensure the plant start up and running is optimized.

Harpers have then continued to work closely with plant to ensure continued feedstock supply by using our wide network of suitable product/waste providers.

Anaerobic digesters can process feedstock such as: domestic food waste collected by local authorities, commercial food waste, food manufacturing and processing waste as well as farm materials (animal slurries and energy crops).

Smaller scale anaerobic digesters can process a variety of feedstocks, including animal slurries, energy crops and vegetable waste, to produce renewable energy for use on site or for sale to the grid and nutrient-rich biofertiliser for use on a farm crops or similar.